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Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a holistic health enthusiast, master manifestor, happiness advocate, hippie-tastic witchy woman, and crazy cat lady (with Eleanor Rigby, aka 'Rigs' typically on my lap). 


My self-healing journey began after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety as an 8th grader. I added an eating disorder to the list in high school. I remember being prescribed Zoloft and off-brand Xanax at the same time and feeling like I would be taking those drugs for the rest of my life. 

Since pharmaceuticals were putting me in a cloud, I began a self-healing regimen. My therapy was journaling & writing. My medicine was energy-filled, healing foods. And my magic pills were books like The Secret, The Power of Now, and Super Attractor that taught me power of positivity and raising my vibration. 

I am living my dream life, working from anywhere in the world (currently Boulder, Colorado) as I enjoy exploring my 20s. I love connecting with other young old-souls, talking Astrology signs (I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising, Leo Moon), energy shifts, Holistic healing, Chakras, manifestations. It seems to me the epic language of the energetic world is becoming more Universal, and I love speaking it.

I am thrilled to gather teachers from across the globe to teach you ways you can sharpen your own spiritual sword. Check out the WhySheWhistles Podcast for epic interview and the latest WhyWeWhistle events & workshops!


I am grateful to connect with you xx

Love Peace Positivity,

Alexandra Susann Whistles


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