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What's up, Whistlers! 

I'm Lexi! Law of Attraction Coach, Self-Help Junkie, and crazy cat lady! I coach on how to gain control of your thoughts and mindset, giving the tools you need to live each day with positivity & purpose. That's what makes me whistle! Check out my positivity tips under the 'Read' tab and my podcast under 'Listen'! Thanks for being here!

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Hi, I'm Lexi!


Lover of all things outside, inside, up and around my home in Duluth, Minnesota! I love learning about Spirituality, mindset hacks, and different ways to raise my vibe so I can have the best day every day.

A few of my favorite things are holistic living, positive energy, and confident women! I'm putting all these things together in group coaching sessions to grow into the happiest, healthiest, most powerful version of you! Check it out in the Women's Wellness tab above! If you want to be a WhySheWhistles VIP, I also do private 1-on-1 coaching to work through specific plans for you to level up your life!


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