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Manifest with Her
Inner Critic
That voice in your head that bullies you
and holds you back from fully enjoying your life
I feel you.
Your own thoughts don't have to bully you anymore.
Here's how it works...



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After 3 years of college on my way to Nursing, I stepped back and took a different direction. I was debilitated by anxiety, pulled down by depression, and had been hiding an eating disorder for 4 years. On the outside, I looked happy and seemed successful. On the inside, my soul was suffocating.


I turned to holistic health, leading me to study Ayurveda, an ancient health care practice that originated in India. The first page of my first textbook was on "Atman"- the soul. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I realized this was the knowledge that would save my life.

My studies of the soul, positive psychology, Ayurveda, and the Law of Attraction bring these elements into one practice: Positive Vibration Coaching.

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