Women's Wellness

Filling up your own cup isn't selfish, it's necessary. WhySheWhistles believes that intentional self-care is the core of showing up for your life with energy and excitement every day. That's why she whistles!​

This 3-week series begins on Wednesday, July 31st  from 6-7:30 pm and is designed to give you the power to nail your routine, reduce anxiety, simplify nutrition, manage your mindset, and work in self-care that doesn't require a bath bomb. 


Class is $60
-3 weeks of live group coaching
-Questionaires to get clear on your body, mind, and spirit health
-A nutrition guide with a 14 day grocery and meal plan
-Q & A every week
-Wellness you get to keep for the rest of your life

Show yourself some love

and join Women's Wellness today!

Week 1.


- calm your racing thoughts

- recognize your inner mean-girl

(and become her friend)

- build a healthy relationship with and reduce your anxiety

Week 2.


-- the Mind Body Spirit morning routine that will set you up for success all day

- create your self-care centered schedule

- a simple approach to nutrition for you

Week 3.


- meditation (you knew it was coming!)

- a guide to trusting your intuition

- raising your vibration

- The Law of Attraction and Action

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