Let's Do Shadow Work: Whose love did you crave the most?

Show Notes written by Mikaela JoLee

Digging down into the depths of my soul and mind is something that I feel not only I, but most of us struggle with. It has been much easier for me to put those tough feels in the back of my mind and distract myself. Shadow work encourages us to pull those deep emotions to the forefront. In this podcast, I found it comforting to understand that we all have our own shadow work to do. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m the only one dealing with difficulties in my life. This episode highlights the importance and even coolness of us all working through our own road blocks. 

It’s easy to feel daunted by subconscious thoughts and feelings. Without encouraging words from people around us, it’s even more difficult to gather the strength we need to tackle the inner work. This episode provides those encouraging words for each of us to gather the strength to find inner peace within ourselves. It’s always a good time to begin self-improvement and gain self-love and this episode is a great start!

Topics by Time:

1:12 - What is Shadow Work?

3:10 - Aaron Doughty (Check him out for conscious masculinity on YouTube/ Podcast)

4:24 - Example of a Shadow and What Shadow Work Looks Like

7:51 - Journal Prompt Session

7:52 - #1 Whose love do/did you crave the most and why?

8:43 - #2 After realizing that, what did you get out of this?

11:40 - #3 How are you playing this role out now?

15:46 - #4 How are you pleasing this shadow to get approval?

17:47 - #5 What emotion do you get from this shadow/shadows? And what emotions do you want to receive?

18:56 - #6 How can you give that emotion to yourself without outside factors?

12:36 - Our Retrograde of Emotions and The Paths We Travel Down

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