Which of these 3 Body Types Are You?

You are made completely out of elements. How you look, act, and feel is different than the person next to you because our elements differ. Ayurveda, the sister-science to Yoga, believes we can categorize those energies into three main categories, or doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We have a personal concoction of the three. Are you free-spirited and airy like a Vata? Are you firey and driven like a Pitta? Are you down to earth and super grounded like a Kapha? If we tune into who we are as an individual, we can learn more about our specific needs.

Vata (vah-tah) is the sanskrit word that combines ether and air elements. It is the windy energy, which is prone to more dry and cold imbalances, like flaky skin, a raspy throat, an anxious mind, weak immune system, cold fingers, and toes. Vata people are often more artistic and imaginative because their airiness allows their creative side to run free. A bumble bee is very Vata. You shift more into your Vata energy while writing papers, songs, or poetry because of the openness to ideas pouring in. Characteristics associated with Vata are spacey, free-spirited, artsy, and dry sense of humor. Their features tend to be long and lean and they may have trouble holding onto weight.

Pittas, (pit-tah) on the other hand, are full of drive! This is fire and earth dosha, which make them the highly competitive, workaholic, move it or lose it type of person. They are prone to heat imbalances like heartburn, inflammation, and tenseness in the shoulders where they hold their stress. Pittas usually have a bigger temper and are more dominating at work or at home. They love money and numbers because of their passion for structure. A cheetah is very Pitta. You tap into your Pitta energy when you are working hard to meet a deadline or are building on your goals. Their body qualities include a medium build, strong and stable digestion, and they easily put on muscle. Their sharp wit usually means they are talkative, humorous, and like to be the life of the party.

Kaphas (kah-fah) would rather skip the party and curl up on the couch with their favorite movie on. This is the earth and water dosha, so they love comfort and being grounded. This makes them crave things that make them feel heavy, like oily, fried, and sweet foods, sleep, and relaxation. Some Kapha imbalances are sluggish digestion, sinus and lung congestion, water retention and depression. An elephant is very Kapha. They easily hang on to weight and often get caught up in weight loss cycles, because they fall back into bad habits easily. Kaphas are born with a desire to nurture and are especially loving in relationships and with their families. You use your Kapha energy when you take time to recover and nurture yourself. The mid-Western area tends towards this in the winter, because the cold climate makes us crave heaviness, comfort, and warmth.

Although we each have all three of these doshas in us, we usually have one or two that we lean towards the most. So, if you made it this far and you want to learn more, get in touch with me! I am currently studying to become an Ayurvedic Health Coach and I would love to help you start your journey into holistic wellness. For a free first consultation of your imbalances and how to personalize your diet and lifestyle, message me. I’m excited to hear which dosha you relate to most!

Love, peace, and positivity! <3



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