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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

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Once upon a time, I asked someone to describe me. I was expecting a highlight such as athletic, artistic, caring, or creative. “Mousey” was the word that they chose and I had to laugh. I wasn’t mousey! I saw it as a negative word at the time, as if me being a quiet, reserved person was the worst news of the day.

I realized my perception of who I was had been so different from what I outwardly expressed because I had so much bubbling internally each and every minute.

Many of you know I struggled in silence with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder for years. Within me was a constant battle between self-harm and emotional confusion. I wasn’t quite sure where or how this inner war would end.

The pressures of the world never stopped. Adulting is still hard. Talking to strangers still occasionally makes my armpits sweat and my heart beat fast with anxiety (but I have expanded my wardrobe past black t-shirts). I still have days when my inner mean girl is extra loud. So, what changed between the days I would sit by the toilet bowl and force my lunch up to now fully loving exactly who I am without any exceptions? My voice.

We are all given this unique built-in tool bag to use while we are here. Our individual bodies and our strengths, our tools, were given to us knowing that we would need them. When I started to express how I was feeling and open up about my own struggles, my world started to shift day by day. Letting my friends know that I wasn’t mousey on the inside, that my outward quietness was usually a mask over the chaos in my head was the best therapy for me. The more I opened up, the more it shut my mean girl down.

The phrase I heard most often growing up was “Sharing is Caring”. Boy, does this ring true in more ways than just letting my little sisters take a turn on the swing (thanks for the wisdom, Mom and Dad). Sharing the dark corners of my world brought me Caring conversations with people who are looking to shed light on their darkest corners, too. It has attracted so much love, happiness, and overwhelming joy to me that I am bursting to share it with all of you, too!

It is with warm, open arms that I welcome you to the WhySheWhistles podcast! My goal is to create an uplifting community and share how I have been bringing positive energy into each moment of my life and how you can do the same! I’m immensely grateful to have a tool that I can share with you as you are driving in the car, doing laundry, having your morning coffee or winding down for bed. So pop in your headphones and enjoy!

Thank you all for the support, many encouraging words, sharing WhySheWhistles, and embracing this loving platform as it grows. It makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Find my episodes on, by typing "WhySheWhistles" anywhere you listen to Podcasts, and shared on the WhySheWhistles Facebook page, as well!

What’s in your tool bag?


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