The Most Affordable Virtual Retreat You'll Ever Find

Self-love means a lot to me. It means holding my own care to the same standard as I would for a partner, family member, or friend. The crappy part is we often shut down our self-care - to the benefit of our to-do list - and detriment of our own spirit.

Journaling, breathwork, moving your body with love, and having awareness of what your own energy has a major impact on your mood, your sleep, and your energy levels throughout the day. These are the tools I, and millions of other healers around the world, use every single day.

The most epic healers have joined this virtual retreat to teach you the tools they use each day in their own healing. The most powerful healing happens in a group, though, and that’s why we are coming together with you in Bloom Bootcamp.

Hosted in a private Instagram group, Bloom Bootcamp is a virtual retreat for women, ages 16 and up. Live classes, including daily yoga, guided journaling, meditation, breathwork, & self-Reiki practices - help you tap into your own power with the support of a group of amazing women.

You may not know this about yourself yet, but you are a healer, too, my friend. You have a responsibility to keep yourself well, so every family member & friend you meet can leave your presence feeling much better than before.

These 11 days will forever impact your daily self-care hygiene. Bloom Bootcamp is open beginning on Thursday, May 7th. There will not be another retreat like this, especially at this affordable price, so decide that you are worth this time.

Mothers to teenage girls (ages 16 & up): This is an opportunity to connect with your girls while they connect to their own power. Buy 1 ticket and you both will have access to the private Instagram group.

To sign up:

  1. Send $33 (11 days x $3 per day = $33) to @Whyshewhistles on Venmo or, Include your @name on Instagram in the comments

  2. Request to join @thebloombootcamp on Instagram.

  3. Enjoy 11 days of self-care!

Stalk the healers!

@WhySheWhistles - Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner, Journaling Advocate - Daily Guided Journaling & Meditation

@CallySkye - Yoga Teacher, Self-Love Advocate - Daily Yoga Flow

@MindfulPractice_ - Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Level 2, Clean Living Advocate - Live Energy & Reiki Class

@FullCircleYoga - Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Studio Owner, Trust Advocate - Live Higher Self Yoga Class

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