The Master Series

Updated: Mar 15

Namaste! Hello! Greetings!

It's so good to be back online and in this space! Thank you for sticking with me through a period of deep inner-retreat and contemplation. I feel the bloom of Spring coming on and am ready to bask in this shine again! It's so good to be seen, heard, and understood, isn't it?

The Master Series

We have many unseen Masters who guide us throughout our lives. I want to bring attention to some of them with the Master Series. The topic of each month will be one of life's "Masters", with Growth being our first Master this month! Each Monday, I will provide a journaling prompt meant to bring more awareness & connection to each Master. This will be so fun!

Tomorrow's prompt comes at 7 AM CST! Make sure you have a journal, notebook, or 3-ring binder ready for writing and a time picked out to journal. Creating a consistent dinacharya, Sanskrit for "daily routine", helps keep us grounded. Will you journal in the morning, at night, or both?

More on Growth:

As you look at a tall and sturdy tree, you see it as it is now. But this tree took many years to become who it is now. It has weathered many storms, hosted many friends, taken in lots of heat and has grown through it all.

What you do not see is the roots that ground it. As a tree grows taller and wider, its roots grow deeper and wider. An underground reflection of what is above the surface.

Growth as a Master in our life is like these roots that ground us. In order to be brilliantly US in our fullest version, our roots must grow to stabilize who we are.

Growth might show up as a hard period in your life, significant changes, new people, or different emotions we experience. Growth can be joyful and painful and everything in between. It is important to welcome Growth as a teacher and to be a willing student.

She cares about you and that's why she shows up consistently.

Thank you, Master Growth.

I'm excited to connect tomorrow!

In joy,

Alexandra Susan

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