Holy Grail of Duluth Entertainment

There are few pieces of paper as important in my life as this one. It's right up there with my social security card, diploma, and my paycheck, if you need an (un)exaggerated comparison. When I got to Duluth, I knew there were oodles of events going on each week but I didn't know how to find them. "Facebook events near me" was the first place I looked, which was just as informative as asking my grandma where the action is on a Saturday night.

One fine Duluth day, my boyfriend and I walked into Electric Fetus (a classic downtown alternative shop), and he picked up the Transistor. Don't take it lightly when I say this day changed how much I love Duluth going forward. IT HAS EVERYTHING. It's like a craigslist for nightlife and events! Music, art, film, theater, etc. It lists the days of the week and what is going on in those categories for each day. The paper lets you know the time, place, and price so you can pick something the whole gang can enjoy. It's free to list your event and free to pick up the paper (published online at transistormag.com). Some common listings are karaoke, trivia, live music, and improv comedy shows. I'm a geek for this thing, okay.

The Transistor seeks out volunteers to distribute each week's mag on Mondays to over 75 hotspots in the Duluth/Superior area. It also features a couple of comics and fun articles to read, as well. In short, this is my go-to for all things entertainment in Duluth. Check out it out for yourself. We love you, Transistor.



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