Skyline Pkwy

"Hey Siri, take me to Enger Tower". If you're trying to get a near-birds-eye-view of Duluth, head toward the skyline. Suggested time of day: dawn. Getting up at 6 AM isn't nearly as hard when you're going to catch a Duluth sunrise. It's the same sun, coming up in the same spot, but somehow every angle is different and this was my favorite view yet. It's difficult to describe the feeling of looking at something so beautiful and wondering how it can be real, and also wishing you could watch it again and again. Thank God, the sun comes up each morning. This top picture was taken from Enger Tower Park. Chill on a bench and enjoy the view, heck, bring your breakfast up and stay for awhile because it's worth soaking it in. I loved watching the morning traffic from above but still being far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet.


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