Meditation Changed My Life: 5 Things to Help You Get Started

Meditation has changed my life.

Yep, I'm one of those tree-hugging, hippie-tastic, Earth-loving meditators.

I have been meditating for 4 years now and just this year made it a daily habit. Perspective widens after every sit-down. I LOVE getting "tuned in, tapped in, turned on" in the words of Esther Hicks & The Teaching of Abraham with the bigger energy, bigger picture, collective vision.

Here are 5 things that can help you get started, if you are just gettin started :)

1. There is no "right" way!

-Let go of that image of perfect posture! Just begin!

You can sit:

-On a pillow

-Yoga mat


-In your car (parked ;) )

-On a park bench

-Literally Anywhere!

-Or meditate lying down :)

The point is to get comfortable enough to release tension & allow ease in the body.

2. Test out different audio options:

-Acoustic guitar

-Singing bowls

-Rivers flowing


All are available on the epic Insight Timer App!

I also like YouTube for finding meditation sounds or positive affirmations like this one for the Heart Chakra or this one by Aaron Doughty.

Play, explore, see what works for you!

3. Just start at the beginning!

-No shame in starting with a guided meditation!

You can find the Guided Sensation Meditation I use for calming anxious thoughts on the WhySheWhistles Podcast!

-No shame in starting with ONE minute!

One minute of your time will make HUGE Impacts!!

One minute of focused awareness on your breath has the ability to calm your nervous system & allow you more clarity. Check out this quick & easy breathing exercise by Gaiam.

4. Find a teacher you vibe with!

I love listening to my favorite podcasters & YouTubers guide me through a meditation. I know what to expect - and I know my favorite style of meditation leaves me feeling more upbeat, calm and energized!

I enjoy teaching meditations for people who are looking for more self-love, inner peace, & positivity! You can find my meditations on the podcast or join the private WhyWeWhistle group on Patreon for exclusive guided videos & meditation inspiration!

5. Fun & joy & love are the most important feelings!

We can get all in a tizzy about structure - setting timers, posture, releasing judgement - which can lead to self-conversations that sound like "Dang it, Thoughts, will you just pipe it down so I can do this thing right!" My advice? Make it fun, not a chore.

“Meditation” is a big word that basically just means “pause”. It allows us to just BE for a freaking second. Just BE a human being with oxygen-breathing, heart-pumping, thought-thinking, spirit-connecting magnificent magical powers. Enjoy a gratitude pause. Enjoy feeling love for all that your [Mind Body Spirit] do for you. Bask in joy for a meditation.

Inhale love. Exhale love.

Happy meditating, Whistlers!

Love Peace (Meditation &) Positivity,


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