Master Growth: What lessons is she giving you?

Updated: Mar 15

Namaste! Hello! Greetings!

Welcome to the first week with this month's master: Growth.

We all moved through the year 2020 in different ways, but I guarantee everyone leveled up! You can try to out run the lessons & madness, but you can't hide from Growth. She is the teacher with an ass-ton of homework (and she picks on her most promising students). So, if Growth threw you a few unexpected curveballs this year, I promise it was just to make you a better player in the game of Life.

Growth is associated with the Root Chakra, Mulahara, and the element earth. If you find you have trouble with change or that growth causes anxiety for you, take some time each day to practice grounding yourself.

One way to do this is by standing in Tree Pose and focus on the connection of your feet on the ground. We walk around all day long and often don't realize there is ground underneath us because we are just going! Moving our legs has become so habitual and second nature that we tend to disconnect from this movement because we are so in our heads!

Take some time today to really notice your lower body when you are standing or walking. Notice what your feet feel like on the floor or in your shoes. Feel your calves contracting. Feel your knee joint adjusting. Become aware of the strength and power that comes from your thigh. And finally, bring your attention to the movement of your hips. Being aware of our lower body grounds our attention into our root chakra, which has stabilizing affects on mood, anxiety levels, and brings a sense of calm to your whole being.

As we welcome Spring, let's acknowledge all the ways Growth allows us to bloom into a brighter version of ourselves with this journaling prompt:

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