Master Growth: What kind of student are you?

Are you keeping up on your lessons or resisting? What we resist persists - meaning if we are ignoring or fighting the lessons Growth assigns us, those lessons don't just go away. They may come back in more powerful ways that you cannot ignore!

So, what kind of student are you being? Diligent with your work? Class clown? Do you get angry or stressed when there is a new assignment? Do you ignore it?

The more you lean into the lessons Growth gives with an attitude of gratitude, the more resilience you will cultivate.

The tree who withstands those storms year after year does not say "I give up. I can't take it anymore!" No, she braves the storm and becomes more aware of the strength she has in her and the armor she has been given. She makes it through whatever comes her way.

And so she stands, tall and proud, grateful for both the sunshine and the rainy days!

In joy,

Alexandra Susann

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