In Celebration of Mothers

Congratulations, Mother's! This is the day dedicated to you and all you have done! Thank you for going through every hoop and obstacle it took to raise us into the people we are today! If you have a mother, shower this person in thank-you's! This is the person who shaped you to be who you are. That is partially referring to the person whose DNA you share or the person who was present, nurturing and guiding you to where you are now, no matter what form that person takes.

On this Mother's Day, I will be celebrating my mom, who has been my biggest fan since my first day on Earth. She has willingly given up so much to provide for me and help me grow without ever having a need unmet. She has become my best friend and my go-to for advice and help (thanks for doing my taxes this year - adulting is hard). My mom is the confident go-getter that I strive to be more like. I will also be celebrating my grandmother, who I call Mema. Mema has been a great role model for me throughout my life as well and also raised my mom into the outstanding person she is today. Whenever I have a phone call with Mema, I always have a pen and paper to keep track of her witty humor or life advice (these phone calls often last an hour because we have so much to talk about). I have infinite love and admiration for these people and the impact they have had on my life. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!

Mother's Day for others may mean celebrating two mothers, a father who has assumed both roles, or maybe another guardian who stepped up for you. Maybe this is your first year getting to celebrate being called a mother, or maybe you're on to raising the next generation. Whoever you celebrate this special day for, the love for the people who cared enough to step into those big shoes and play an unmeasurable role in your life will always be returned, and that's worth celebrating these amazing people for. Let's give them the recognition they deserve today.

I love you, Mom.


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