How to Get Parking Spots: The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. We heard it in middle school science class and it still rings true today. You have attracted everything in your life just like a magnet. Your friends, job, opportunities, bank account, relationship status, home, mode of transportation, pets, diet, fitness- everything. Your level of happiness is not dictated by what is around you, no, it is exactly the opposite. You attract what is around you based on your frequency of happiness, your attitude, and your gratitude.

Imagine that you baked a fresh batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies. You hand out your chocolate chip cookies to all the kids on your block. Some of them say “thank you”. Some of them just take it and ask for more. But one of them gives you a big “thank you”, hugs you, and then asks if he can help with the dishes. You give this kid the extra cookies, the recipe, and he gets to lick the bowl because of his gratitude!

I always get green lights and the rockstar parking spots wherever I am going. If you want to have a smooth trip, you better be coming with me! This is how I practice manifesting and gratitude every time I hop into the car. I state my desire: “I always have a clear path” and “I am in the right place at the right time”; then I drive. I never speed up to catch that green light in case it is going to change, I slow down early when I see a red light up ahead because I know it will be changing to green shortly. It is rare that I wait at a stoplight while driving in Duluth and THAT is impressive. If I do get stopped at a red light, it is my reminder to get back into the flow and I immediately say thank you for whatever is around me. (One time, Aram and I were fighting and after sitting at a red light for at least 2 minutes he announced: “We got that red light because we are mad at each other”. YEP! Hello truth!)

I have perfected how I communicate with the Universe through my simple daily tasks. If someone in front of me is going slow, I take it as a reminder that I need to practice patience. If I feel panicked while I am driving, I take it as a reminder to breath and remember “I am safe, I am secure”. I visualize myself pulling into the best parking spot, turning off my car, and saying “Thank You” for a wonderful trip. Gratitude is the most important part of this because it raises your frequency to say “Thank you for the gift” and you become a grateful receiver. You are not entitled to the perfect parking spot. You do not earn green lights. You just practice appreciating the gift when it is given to you and you will attract more things to be thankful for.

You and the Universe are on friendly terms. It wants to make you happy. It wants to cheer you on, support your dreams, and give you random acts of kindness just to cheer you up. Become that friend who lights up at the simple things, has fun and gives it back. Become a “frequent thanker” and you will get all the cookies, green lights, and parking spots your friend The Universe has to give.

Love Peace Positivity


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