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Updated: May 24, 2019

April 2017, I was dying to get out of my hometown, so I set up a Twitter poll to help choose a direction, "The better place to be: Duluth or Twin Cities". A girl I met in A&P class asked if I wanted to live with her in Duluth. "Our apartment has a pool, hot tub, gym, and a free coffee station!", she urged me. I still wasn't sold, mostly because all I knew about Duluth was people went there to camp and it has a big bridge.

August 2017, I filled my car with everything I needed and hopped in to start the 4-hour drive to my new home. As I approached the city that night, I could see thousands of lights below on the land that eventually melted into water. Tears filled my eyes because I knew I was looking down on the new adventure I was about to begin.

February 2018, I laughed as I sat across from my roommate, who has become one of my best friends in the whole world, watching her stuff an oversized doughnut into her mouth. These ten months have changed me in ways I have never expected. In the place where I grew up, I had little options to explore both who I was and the world around me. I was depressed, uninspired, and lacking the feeling that I was in the right place for me. Since moving, I have woken up every day with the feeling that I belong here. I made lifelong friends, became more open to diversity and different experiences, and learned that there really is no place like home... in Duluth.

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