Get Lost in Lester

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

If the weather app says "Feels like -1", it might deter some from stepping foot outside of their cozy homes. But we are Minnesotans. The air hurts our face and our cars groan to a start in the winter but it is worth finding a place like Lester Park, covered in a blanket of snow. Get ugly bundled up and venture out to Lester for hours of exploring. If you have snowshoes or skis, break them out for this adventure as there are groomed paths through the whole park. If you don't, take your boots out and follow where others have gone off trail. The scene is completely different from your typical in-season hike. The winter months take hold of what would normally be lush and green and cover it in shimmering snowflakes. My favorite part if the hike was walking on the frozen river, hearing the water running underneath, and looking up at the cliffs where we would normally be walking. We slid down a frozen waterfall as if Mother Nature made a slide for us. I highly recommend going out on a sunny day after a snowfall and walking through this winter wonderland. In the warmer months, this place is typically busy with bikers, runners, and other hikers. Going this time of the year ensures plenty of alone time with whoever your hiking buddy may be: your camera, furry companion, fitness friend, or your own inner explorer. Take them to experience all the beauty within Lester Park.

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