Manifest Motivation: Free Ways to be a Better Person

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Speaking from experience, I sometimes don't do as much good for the world as I could. I often think since I'm a college kid, trying to support myself means I have a free pass not to give back, just like I used to think telling my mom "I have homework" would get me out of doing the dishes.

If we all stopped using our excuses as a way to get out of doing good things, there would be so much more positivity in the world! The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like". So, when you are positive, you attract more positive people, positive experiences at work, and positive things that happen in your life. I forget how many ways there are to give without reaching into my wallet! Here are 5 ways to think outside of yourself to make you a better human being.

1. Recycle - If something has a little "recycle" triangle, it can be recycled! I'm always checking different things made of plastic for that little jewel & actually get excited when I can keep something out of the landfill. When you recycle, you give it the possibility to live again as something new! Separate your plastic bottles and containers from the garbage to start building a good habit. Eventually you will get your friends, family, and coworkers to catch on. A healthy, green earth is cool. A landfill full of recyclable gatorade bottles is not.

2. Compost - I don't mean make buckets of dirt. Use a container - tupperware, jar, bucket - and throw your food scraps into them. If you're brave, keep the container on your countertop as a constant reminder. If you think your guests will think you're weird, hide it under the kitchen sink. At the end of the week, toss the contents into the closest woods, garden, or actually get a compost bin to return it to the earth.

3. Pick up trash - Take a few grocery bags and walk around town or down the street and fill those things up with litter. You will have the most rewarding afterwards, and you will be glad you gave your ego a little slap in the face!

4. Donate - Take some of your unwanted goods to a thrift store for someone else to use. Thrift stores have been increasing their quality because people are finally realizing how damn cool it is to shop second-hand. With fast fashion increasing the amount of consumer goods, more things show up that are hardly used or still have the tag on it! And if you want to meet cool, new people, donate your time to a charity you know could use your help! Giving is the fastest way to attract "gifts" to you - seen & unseen!

5. Shop local - You might be wondering how this could be free because local usually means pricier but in our world of overindulgence, we buy things we don't need or will forget to use and push them to the side. Paying more per food item or home good means attaching more worth to it, which in turn helps you use these things more sparingly! Have you ever gone one a huge health kick, bought a bunch of produce, and watched them get moldy while you were eating pizza? Less is more when you shop locally and get more bang for your buck! Less things will expire and you will buy them with more care and purpose. The things you get- and you- will be more high vibe as a result!

Now more than ever, we have to be more mindful of the environment around us. Low quality is becoming the standard and I'm not only talking about the things we make or the products we buy but also our way of life. It is very doable, I would almost dare to call it easy, to work these habits into your lifestyle! How rewarding it would be to look back on the year and see how much of a positive impact you have made. Let your light shine!

Love, peace and positivity,


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