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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

I walk into the restaurant about 45 minutes after the doors have opened and the place is already bustling with the lunch crowd, eager for a hot, savory meal. I am greeted by Marci, the manager on duty, who shakes my hand and leads me to a table. The rustic hardwood floors and dark ceiling are contrasted with bright red and yellow walls. The wrap around bar is set in the middle of the space, with booths and table seating along the exterior of the floor. We sit down at a comfortable two-person booth and get started. She has agreed to answer a few of my questions to help you and me get more personal with a local favorite: Burrito Union.

Born 7 years ago, Burrito Union is part of the Just Take Action family, which oversees a few local restaurants, including Fitger's Brewhouse and Endion Station. I asked Marci what the typical crowd at BU looks like. "On a weekday it really varies. We will see professors and people from the hospitals come in. At night, it's a lot of families with kids." Once the weather warms up, the crowd increases to "sports and nice weather enthusiasts" from nearby Chester Park. Marci mentioned Food Dudes Delivery as a big source of their sales. "Food goes out of here to be delivered to someone's home or place of work".

On the weekends, college kids take advantage of the BU specials, including the Burrito + Bloody Mary for $10. "Our big one is Rock 'n' Roll Bingo on Wednesday nights. Last Wednesday it was 'Boy Bands'. A song would play and you'd cross it off on your Bingo card." Bingo starts at 9 PM and prizes include gift cards to the restaurant.

One of my favorite parts of Burrito Union is what they are doing to make a positive impact outside of their restaurant. "We're really conscious about the environment. We're moving towards 'no straws' and when we do use straws they are biodegradable. This year we are starting a program to clean up Chester Park; if you help clean up you'll get a free burrito from us. We like to be involved with the community efforts. That's our focus in 2018 - to be more environmentally friendly."

Location: 1332 E 4th St, Duluth

Motto: Come Together


Popular Meal: "Pig in the Pond" - deep friend burrito

Top Beer: "Stipa" -Superior Trail IPA


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