5 Mindset Hacks for Building Healthy Habits

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

What’s up Whistlers! We are midway through the year and, cripes, I have had more shifts in my own health and wellness (good and bad) this year than I thought possible! Along with all of those shifts have been great information, a few of my favorites being (podcasts) The Higher Self Podcast, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, (books) You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, and am currently reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and was wide-eyed the entire time at the 3 day RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis. I have been making a list of my favorite simple but life-changing mindsets for health and keeping it more consistent.

True self-love: Speaking of Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis wrote a whole chapter on something super important: The idea that confidence and self-acceptance does not mean accepting your unhealthy habits for what they are, it means accepting them and loving yourself enough to know you need to change them. A round of applause for you, Rach.

Moving your body moves your mind: This is my newest favorite! I’ve been dancing, shaking, twirling, fist-pumping, jumping, and shimmying every inch of me more! Moving helps you get grounded into your body and out of your mind. Sometimes, we get so stuck in our daily tasks, conversations of the past or future, and what is next on our to-do list that our brains need a break. Take a time-out, put your favorite music on and GET GROOVY! It doesn’t have to be pretty, just move!

Look good, feel good: I have the option to wear basically anything I want during the day because I am self-employed. Pjs all day, if I please (and some days I DO please). Most days, I make the conscious choice to wear outfits that make me feel classy, which is how I like to feel. Figure out what feels the best for YOU and do more of that!

Make things simple: We are great at overcomplicating any topic. Repeat after me: Food is not complicated. Are you hot? Eat something cold. Are you dry? Chapped lips? Drink some water and focus on water-based foods (yes, fruits and veggies). Not hungry? Don’t eat. Starving? Make something that will nourish you, not empty calories from white bread and cereal (guilty) but things with lots of colors. Find the fruits and veg that you actually enjoy and start there.

Health is a habit you build daily: Every time you have a choice, choose the healthier option. That’s the best way to start building a healthy habit. Start with something small and keep adding on until it’s a lifestyle. Think of it this way: If you procrastinate an assignment and put it off until the night before it’s due, you stay up late, get stressed, feel sick and the next day hopefully your assignment is done but it could’ve been better and now you feel like crap too. If you procrastinate the things you know you should be doing (the vegetables, man) your health might be fine when you’re older or you might feel like crap, either way, you could’ve felt better. What could your health look like if you made the healthier choice more often? Habits turn into your life. Make it great.

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