3 Ways to Enhance Your Journaling Practice

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

1. The Path of Least Resistance

Think about when & where you want to increase your journaling practice. For me, journaling when I wake up in the morning and at night before I fall asleep are non-negotiables. In order to make this an easy task, I keep a journal and pen on my nightstand. This makes grabbing my journal when I’m in bed a piece of cake. If I had to remember to grab it every time before I crawled in, my habit would get lost.

The path of least resistance is whatever will help make your habit stick in the easiest way possible. This can be applied to many things, like keeping veggies and hummus ready for when you are craving a snack, filling up your water bottle and setting it by your purse at night, or setting out your gym clothes for easy access in the morning.

Journaling is upkeep for your mind, just like water, good fuel, and movement are for your body. My favorite things to keep track of in my bedside journal are memories I am grateful for from the day, dreams I remember, and a daily word or intention. I also will pull it out and “brain dump” if I have a lot on my mind before sleep. No matter how you do it, getting your thoughts onto paper is a great way to see what is on your mind and keep track of the day to day journey of your life.

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2. Find Your Color

I love picking different colors when writing. I always pick up my green sharpie pen when I am writing about abundance, manifesting wealth, or dreams I have for my business. If there is a color that symbolizes something for you, then use it often. For example, if red symbolizes power for you, you may want to keep track of your habits in this color. If purple symbolizes your highest self, like the color of the crown chakra, you might want to do “future self” journaling in this color. This color association will help nail down the importance of your practice (and make it look pretty).

3. Create Your Space

Obviously, you are going to want to keep your desk area nice & neat. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make it soft and cozy, for sinking into a meditative, healing state of calm. We always go-go-go. Make sure there is a space made for you to rest enjoyably when you get home.

[How I found my desk]

I pictured a vision in my head about how the space I was creating would look. I drew a picture of my desk in the left-hand corner of the new office space (which was supposed to be the master bedroom, but Aram & I both run our own businesses). I wanted an open corner to set a big plant in, shelving to hold books, files, and my electronics bin, and a space to hold my laptop or notebook while I write, but not big enough to sprawl out a bunch of projects (I have a habit of having 1000 things open at one time, Vata-brain!).

I drew this clear picture. One day, on the way home from work, I saw it. I gasped!! “There it is!!! My desk!!" It was yellow. And white. And had the cutest little drawers with black nobs.

$20 at a garage sale. I gave the lady $25 and asked her to help me load it into my Mazda.

The rest of the pieces came together like glue. A square end table was left by one of Aram’s friends after he moved out west, a box was found in the garage that was the most perfect shelf size, and a small bookshelf that was used to cram mail into behind the kitchen table ended up being the perfect textbook, paperback, and journal holder.

The last piece was the chair. I was using one of our dining room chairs for so long, because the type of chair I wanted was pretty specific. It had to be white, have roller wheels and swivel, and the chair couldn't have arms because I love to sit criss-cross apple sauce while I work. After months of waiting, I finally saw it at TJ Maxx. I was GIDDY! I proudly grabbed my new chair, rolled it up to the check out line, and told the clerk all about my new chair and where it would go and how perfect it was! Gratitude, my friends, is the best way to be a powerfully positive manifesting force of nature.

My point is, once you have the vision, you bring it together. Whether it is a vision of you at a job you love, a friend who is the equal balance of responsible & fun, or the perfect desk, you have to see it, trust that it exists, and then start taking steps towards that vision, one step at a time. You can do it, Whistler.

[LOA in a nutshell]

Clear vision. What is it?

Trust that it exists. The only thing that limits your reality is your mind.

Act as if. Gratitude, my friends.

[Journal Prompt]

“Where can I apply this method to my life?”

Love Peace Positivity,

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