15 Reasons Moms Are Really Badass

Moms. Are. Awesome. Brilliant, resilient, sexy creatures with this mysterious talent to morph their bodies to look like they swallowed a basketball and then, by some miracle, another one of us assholes pops out. And by pops, I mean after TEN months of their bodies, minds, and spirits stretching and bending to make room for a completely new soul to enter the world through the inner intelligence of their bodies, something that is not supposed to physically happen happens, a lot of things stretch and tear, there is a lot of blood, and then the most precious, innocent, fresh little blossom of hope leaves her safety bubble and enters the world. And then she spends a really long time making sure we don’t screw up too bad. In case that isn’t enough to impress the shit out of you, here are 15 more reasons moms are really badass.

15 Reasons That Moms Are Badass:


1. They give the best advice. If you want to know how to do it right, ask your mom.

2. They somehow still get so much shit done even with little humans crying, crawling, pooping, pulling, and utterly stealing all of their free time. How? The world may never know.

3. Their entire focus in life shifts from themselves to the tiny human on their hip.

4. They are the most selfless people in the world.


5. They carry us in their body for months.

6. Then they carry us in their arms some more.

7. Milk. Need I say more?

8. Also, said milk is produced with exactly what the child needs for vitamins, minerals, and immunity. Brilliant.

9. How do moms still look so hot after all of that?

10. If you don’t believe me, just google “What does MILF mean” and find out for yourself.


11. They make the best soul food.

12. They will go into momma bear mode just as fast as they will give us the shirt off their own back.

13. They don’t even have to try to be the best people in the world.

14. Ever heard of unconditional love? These people live it.

15. They are always our moms, and for that, we are extremely thankful.

Moms, the world wouldn't exist without you. You are incredible. You show us what Superwoman sized strength and untethered love looks like. Thank you from all of us assholes!

Happy Mother's Day!

Love, peace, positivity


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