10 Things I Learned Spiritually This Year

Updated: May 24, 2019

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What’s up Whistlers! So many changes happened in 2018, it made my head spin! Living in Duluth and away from my hometown has been such a growth journey as a young-adult (boring, I know) and a human being (hippie, I know). I wanted to share some things I learned spiritually this year!


10 Things I learned as a spiritual person this year:

1. Everything has energy!

My grandma, Mema, has taught me “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and I realized how true that was this year. I took an honest, loving look at how I was feeling, accepted it as it was, and started to raise the vibe from there. When I started to become happier every day, I attracted happy things. And when I pushed myself to do things that make me happier, like painting, dancing, exploring new places and being outdoors, I became happier, too! It was a great cycle. Good vibes only!

2. Mantras actually make you feel better!

When I was 16, I was in a pretty bad car accident that left me with some driving PTSD. To stop feeling panic every time I’m driving, I started a little mantra this year to help. If I feel myself getting nervous think to myself I am safe, I am secure. It reminds me that I am in control of the vehicle. That reminder has honestly relieved so much anxiety. And every time I park my car, I say to it “Thank you for another safe ride”. (See "1. Everything has energy!")

3. Having fun is not a crime against your success!

FOMO (fear of missing out) was a huge topic this year. I'd argue that the big reason you have FOMO is because you aren’t making enough fun yourself. I literally have the best day every day. Why wait for the fun to come to you? Do things you like, ask the people you like to hang out, make things happen for yourself! You won’t regret working when you need to and having fun when your workday is over!

4. The Law of Attraction is always at work!

I really took a look at what the conversation in my head sounded like and made a conscious effort to improve it. If I wasn’t being nice to myself, I would catch my thought, stop it in it's tracks, and reverse it. How would I attract nice things/people/opportunities to myself if I had low, angry, ungrateful vibes? Your vibe attracts your tribe; listen to Mema!

5. It’s okay to feel!

Your body. Your emotions. Your pain. It’s the only way you can figure yourself out. Crying every once in awhile is great. The happiest people do it, too. It's a great way to release your emotions instead of holding them in and letting them build up into stress, disease, and toxic thoughts. Feel it, really feel it, and give yourself permission to let it all out.

6. Drugs are mind-expanding, but you still have to take care of your body!

In 2018, marijuana became less of a taboo subject. I think it’s great. The pot-smokers I’ve met are typically very mellow and open people! I’d be lying if I didn’t say some of my best ideas have been brought to life while I’m zenned out. It has, however, caused a lot of people my age to stop taking care of our bodies because we are so in our minds.

Listen up: We. Have. To. Take. Care. Of. Our. Bodies. It’s not going to be fun when we are 80 and our backs are curved from looking at our cell phones and our bodies are dried out and wrinkly from smoking so much weed and eating crap. Drink water. Eat your vegetables. Exercise. Do it for the 80-year-old future you.

7. Fatigue and pain are your body talking to you. Listen up!

On the same subject, a lot of us are suppressing the feelings we have - mental and physical - by taking drugs. If experimenting with drugs is bad, then the doctor’s office is the worst. As an 8th grader, instead of someone teaching me how to be more positive and eat healthier, I was taught that my brain was chemically imbalanced, something was wrong with me, and that these super strong drugs might cause other side-effects but they could help my depression and anxiety. Spoiler alert: They never helped. The only thing that did was changing my mindset and learning how to calm and improve my thoughts. After being educated on holistic health, I never touched a pill again. Not even ibuprofen. We aren’t meant to run on pharmaceuticals, we are meant to run on food and love. If something is hurting, think about what is causing that pain instead of masking it! Tune in and start learning how your body works! That's self-love at its finest, people.

8. Being consistent brings freedom!

Think about how many times you’ve started something, only to quit and regret it later. My new favorite word is consistency. I say it all dang day to remind me that I feel like an idiot when I give up. Be consistent and you won’t have to start over every time you quit! Also, take a look at why you are quitting. Do you really love the diet you chose? The workout you picked? The job you have? I got honest with myself this year! I hate the gym, but I love stretching, so I started doing a free-flow yoga as my workout because I knew I would love the results and stick with it!

9. The right decision is the one that brings you peace!

I heard Oprah say this. Life changing info, from small choices to the big ones. When I’m faced with the decision to buy the Great Value version or an eco-friendly product that donates the extra $2 it costs to rainforests (hippie, once again, I know), I choose the latter because that’s what gives me peace every time I look at the bottle. Try it out!

10. Love can change the world!

And it starts inside. Fill up your own love bucket and you will be able to give out more.

All warm wishes to you in 2019!

Go spread love, peace, and positivity!


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