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Coaching With Her

Coaching is everywhere now, and for great reasons! Since everyone has a unique lifestyle, everyone has a different part of their life they would like to improve- from spirituality to business coaching and everything in between.


Coaching pushes you past what you thought you were capable of and gives you an eagle-eye view of your lifestyle and the areas you can flourish. It also gives you feedback and accountability from someone who has been in your shoes and genuinely cares about your personal growth. I am currently in two different business coaching programs because I believe in the power of coaching.

I went from Anxious Go-Getter to Empowered Business Owner. As my anxiety went down, my creativity and productivity went up. There is a specific approach I used to fast-track my personal growth.


My Mind Body Spirit approach to leveling up your life coaches you to have a plan for growth that fulfills your life, creates your self-care and goal-focused routine, and aligns with your spiritual self through your intuition and the Law of Attraction.


Email me at to get your first coaching call for free. I will help you get clear on what your future self looks like and the goals you need to accomplish to get there. I love creating road maps to achieving goals for people, it's so fun for me that I give you this first step as a gift from WhySheWhistles to you! The coaching and accountability that comes after are well worth it! If you decide we are a powerhouse fit for each other after this first call, your goal becomes my own and gee-dang-it with our two heads together it will get checked off of your list! EEEE I'm giddy just thinking about it!

My current pricing for coaching is $25 per session. This price encourages an attitude to explore what coaching with me might have to offer you. It also includes the time I spend prepping for our meeting and whatever "homework" assignments I give for you to work on. Most of my clients choose to have weekly meetings, others find that once a month they need a kick to get back in gear. We will find what works best for you, your budget, and your precious time.

Last bit of info I'd like to share with you here:

"Thinking ahead leads you to make choices your future self would make."

This is how the Law of Attraction works. Visualizing your dream life paves a path for you to get there. Think about the person you will be in one year. If you're anything like me, 1 year is plenty of time to completely shape-shift into a new more confident, bolder person who takes action to create the dream life you want. What choices will you make to become that person?

Love Peace Positivity,