Visualize with me:

Take a moment to picture yourself at your “next level”.


What is that next rung of the ladder you could reach - in health, energy, relationships, wealth, happiness? 


It seems so simple! If only we just aligned with a few good habits consistently.


So, what holds us back?


For some, it can be feeling information-overload of what is right vs. wrong for our health, leading us to stay stuck right where we are.


For others, it could be feeling a lack of time for self-care - meanwhile we leave our poor bodies flapping in the wind behind us as we tiredly drag through our daily to-dos.


Or maybe you are like me...


Personally, I know my body & mind well enough to make good choices, but I go through this cycle:

1. Loading up ALL the great habits for a bit.

2. Feeling the benefits of those great habits.

3. Calling it “good enough” and dropping my good habits little by little and...

4. Ending up right back where I started, or lower.


This year, I decided it was time. My physical and mental health needed me to get off this rollercoaster ride. I started focusing on "sustainable habits" lately. I made simple adjustments to my routine to align with that next level I am working on. 


Cue The Alignment Workshop...

Within The Alignment Workshop, we get 4 days together to focus on what aligns with our own personal wellbeing.


The foundation of the workshop is 3 easy-to-incorporate habits. I call these “the Happy Habits” because when I practice them, even just for a couple minutes a day, it makes a huge difference in how I feel!


I’ve also called on some stellar health & wellness experts to bring us simple but powerful practices to add to our self-connection tool kits. Think of this as "Adult Health Class" - time with your favorite epic wellness teachers.


We’ll also send you your own workbook to follow along with for the week to help you keep track of what you loved & how your first Alignment Workshop goes. 


The bottom line: A little goes a long way. We want to make feeling good as easy as a few simple adjustments. The Alignment Workshop is a catalyst to reach that vision you have for yourself.

Ready to take it to the next level?


The Alignment Workshop begins January 11th

Live Classes hosted on Zoom

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